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Student Directory 2013-2014
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all the children attending programs at the Amiguitos Center  in Laguna (Veracruz, Mexico)


June 2013 Work Trip in Veracruz with Alwen, Anne, Augustine, Cesar, Chris, Curtis, Danna, Diana Laura, Garrett, Goldi, Jacob, Jerry, Marlene, Mauricio, Melanie, Peter, Raúl, Saúl, Sulma.   We had field days, plays, crafts and educational activities for two weeks.   A single clinic was held  at Laguna center and we say the new purified water system.


Click here to see the 33 students that left the program in  2012_2013 


Click here to see 2012-2013 photo directory of all the children attending   programs at the Amiguitos Centers in Laguna  & Tarimoya  (Veracruz, Mexico)



June 2012 Work Trip in Veracruz with Abbey, Alejandra, Alex, Ana, Anne, Augustine, Cesar, Cindy, Claire, Curtis, Danna, David (In-Sync-Es), David (Mo), David (Rojo), David (Sleeper), Emily, Goldi, Ignatio, Jeff, Jerry, Juan Carlos, Mareli, Marlene, Mauricio, Melanie, Michele, Mona, Paola, Ramon, Raúl, Saúl, Shane, and Sulma. Two Clinics, construction at Laguna (moving in!!), Bakery, Erika's 15th Birthday party,  Excursion to Xalapa and MORE!


December 2011 Work Trip in Veracruz with Alejandra, Alex, Ana, Anne, Cesar, Curtis, Dana, Danna, Donna, Erick, Goldi, Gustavo, Jerry, Maria Luisa, Mauricio, Melanie, Miguel, Omar, Paola, Ramon, Raul, Saul, Sulma, Tomas. Two Clinics, construction at Tarimoya, Bakery, Melanie & Diana's 15th Birthday party,  Excursion to waterpark and MORE!


The Laguna and Tarimoya Amiguitos Centers in Veracruz 
2011 - 2012
Combined Student Directory

Maria Elena

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June 2011 Work Trip in Veracruz with Abbey, Alejandra, Alex W, Alison, Alli, Alyson, Ana, Anne, Bea, Beatiz, Celia, Cesar, Connie, Curtis, Dana S, Danna, Dave, Efraim, Emiliano, Emily, Emma, Erick, Erika, Frank, Goldi, Gustavo, Heather, Henry, Jerry, Juan Carlos, Karla, Kyle, Leslie, Marcelo, Marlene, Mauricio, Maythé, Meg, Melanie, Michele, Michelle, Miguel, Mike, Omar, Paola, Paul, Polo, Ramon, Raúl, Rodrigo, Sam, Saúl, Shelley, Sue, and Tomás ONE week Construction, TWO weeks Clinic, Bakery, Guides, Excursion with 500 steps and MORE!


December 2010 Work Trip in Veracruz with Alejandra, Alex, Ali, Ana, Anne, Celia, Cesar, Curtis, Dana, Donna, Ellen, Emiliano, George, Goldi, Hannah, Lara, Maria Elena, Maria, Mauricio, Melanie, Miguel, Omar, Peter, Ramon, Raul, Rosa, Saul, Sharron, Stephen, Tomas, and Vianey.  A week of clinics, a week of art classes, teen bakery, bowling excursion and visit of Presiding Bishop Katherine Jefferts Shori of The Episcopal Church


The Laguna Amiguitos Center in Veracruz 
2010 - 2011
Student Directory


The Tarimoya Amiguitos Center in Veracruz
2010 - 2011 Student Directory

2010 Alejandra had her 15th birthday celebration
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Goldi and Saúl's Trip to Colorado
October  2010


June 2010 Work Trip in Veracruz: Vaughan, Tomas, Teresa, Taylor, Saul, Rosa, Riley, Raymundo, Raul, Ramon, Porfi, Paul, Omar, Michele, Melanie, Meg, Mauricio, Marlene, Maria Elena, Lisa, Laura, Gerry, Hannah, Goldi, George, Enrique, Emma, David W, David P, Danna, Dana W, Dana S, Curtis, Cesar, Celia, Anne, Angel, Ana, Alejandra, and Alex.  A week of construction and two weeks of clinics. Excursion to "African Safari" near Puebla, Mexico


December 2009 Work Trip in Veracruz Ailee, Alex, Ana, Anne, Augustin, Camilo, Cesar, Curtis, Dana, Danna, Emmanuel, Enrique, George, Goldi, Hannah, Jerry, Katherine, Lilliana, Maria Elena, Miguel, Maria, Mauricio, Melanie, Omar, Phil, Porfi, Ramon, Raul, Rodrigo, Rosa, Saul, Sutton, and Tomas worked on clinics and the FIRST construction project to build a retaining wall on the permanent Laguna School site


The Laguna Amiguitos Center in Veracruz has begun the 2009 - 2010 school year 26Aug2009.  Click here to see the student directory (with pictures).

Goldi's Trip to Colorado
August  2009


June 2009 Work Trip in Veracruz and Pénjamo with over 50 people!  From the USA were Alex, Anne, Curtis, Barry, James, Alyson, Matthew, Viki and Dana.   We had an awsome crew of volunteers from Veracruz led by Goldi and Pénjamo led by Maria Elena.  Click here for the blog with over 1700 photos attached to the daily entries.


December 2008 Work Trip in Veracruz  with  Goldi, Saul, Cecilia, Maria-Elena, Omar, Cesar, Nayma, Guillermo, Elena, Raul,  Kay,  Rick,  Dana, Alex, Curtis, Anne W., Phil, Katherine, Sutton, Ailee, Donna, Anne L., Barry, James,  Charles and especially Guadalupe, Porfirio, Raymundo and Tomas (our doctors)


Goldi's Trip to Colorado
September  2008


Anne, Alex, Curtis, Dana, Myra & Ximena join Goldi,  Saul, Porfidio, Raymundo, Tomas & Violeta for June 2008 Work Trip in Veracruz
June 2008


Curtis, Phil and Ginny’s Planning Trip to Veracruz
Dec 27, 2007 to Jan 8, 2008


Alex’ “Summer Internship” in  Veracruz
July 2007


Curtis and Goldi tour Chiapas and work in Veracruz
May 2007