17 NOV 2012 Laguna

We had normal activities with week with the students in the Amiguitos school (grade school and High School).  We also had the teen bakery and teen restaurant open this week.   We made bread and pizza.  The kids  also had daily homework support.  The parents also had English and computer classes (the same as the children).

The children that were sick with Dengue are better with three exceptions.  Jonathan is now sick.  And Jair's mother is also newly sick (she is a student in our primary school program for adults).  Plus Mauritza remains dangerously ill.

On a happier note, Doña Lupe  has completed her certificate for completing her primary education in our adult program  (IVEA).   And this week the teens worked in the teen restaurant (Good Friends).  Please pray that everything goes well, as we have had less success lately with the teen restaurant. 

We had  82 students every day this week.