10 NOV 2012 - Laguna

This week we were able to have normal activities for the children in the Amiguitos school and in the Amiguitos center.  Abbey is teaching Christmas carols to the children and preparing the kids to have the church service in English.  Saul taught computer classes.  The High School students ran the bakery two days this week (usually one).  In addition to bread, they made some desserts and pizzas.  They even made a huge pizza for the all the children in the program to enjoy.

We distributed 82 mosquito nets to 41 very happy families in Laguna and Tarimoya.  Attendence this week was 80 students each day.

Those who contracted Denque and have recovered are: Raul, Melanie, Victor Hugo, Alexander, Uriel, Mauricio, Ramon.  Right now Danna, Nelly and the Troncoso family are sick with Denque.

Thank you for your prayers and assistance.  Goldi