3 NOV 2012 Laguna

During this week we had major problems with the health of children and some parents with dengue fever. By far the most affected were Victor Hugo and Nancy that are taking longer to recover.  However the most serious is that the other children are sick because there is an outbreak of dengue fever  across Veracruz.  Please continue to pray for our students and families.

Regarding activities, they were normal with classes for all levels and we began a new English class for parents preparing them for a Mass in English this  December.

We also had a party for the day of the dead (Halloween/All Saints) . We prepared some dishes like mole, sweet pumpkin, chocolate tacos, tamales with coconut and strawberry bread of the dead.

On Saturday, the youth went to the beach and had a fun time in the afternoon though Ramon had to see Dr. because he felt bad.
Week's attendance was 85 children.