27 OCT 2012 Laguna

This week the children in school took mid-term exams.   In addition, we all prepared for the annual visit by the bishop.   During the visit we formally presented certificates of completion for Middle School to Ramon, Nancy, Mauricio, Sonia and Lucrecia.   A department of education official was present to help us celebrate our students' success.  The bishop also baptised several individuals, and others choose to be confirmed or received into the church and so the bishop did that too. 

We also had worked this week on preparing tamales for the celebration following the formal presentations.  The teens and younger kids also performed dances for the celebration.

Melanie's health is poor having come down with Dengue Fever, however she is feeling better.   Raúl also came down sike with a high fever.  He is still doing poorly.  In addition, Leticia (Sulma's mother) is also sick.   

We added two new students this week (Beatriz and Rafael).  The truck was not yet repaired, so there was no Tarimoya program this week.  We are very concerned about the outbreak of Dengue Fever, so please keep us in your prayers.   Thank you so much.