This week we have had in Veracruz two visits.  One of people who are of the diocese of Texas and that lives in Coatepec and another from John Mater who is with the Peace and Justice Center in Pheonix Arizona. With John we went to see the land and it is probable that in November the land can be purchased. They did not remain in the guesthouse but they spent a day at the Community Center in Laguna and gave an English class and  we had a eucharist. As far as the work with the children this week, Maria Elena was ill and I had to take her to the Doctor but already she is better.   Victor had a small accident when he was bumped by a truck but it was not serious.   And we have received a new boy for the pre-school class.  We have begun work on our non-profit association and have already taken the first step which was gaining permission for  the name of the association (Amiguitos Veracruz). We are looking into what other details are needed. It is important also that you make hotel reservations before the end of October. Also remember we need  to get permission for medications to enter the country and need to send a list of medecines, number of  suitcases with their contents and the names of the people who are going to come with that medicine.  Attached are photos of the activities of the week.   The land the measures  16 meters and 15 meters wide.