Jun 9, 2012


Cesar, Ana, Alex, Saul, David (Rojo), and David (sleeper) with their finished puzzle in the Tarimoya center.

    Lives were touched and lessons were learned on both sides of our cultural exchange here in Veracruz today. An early wake up call was in order for our trip to La Laguna’s next door neighbor Tarimoya.

    The Tarimoya center is the community outreach program of local teens and the center provides a place for young children in the area to come on Saturday mornings and experience positive role models and learn English. After spending two hours with the kids at Tarimoya we set off for La Laguna.
    About 70 kids were at the center and we cycled them through different stations including making bracelets, playing bingo, and no school is complete without a station for Hokey Pokey. It was a bit stressful handling all the energetic kids but I speak for all of us in saying that seeing the precious smiles of the kids made our hard work worth it. It ceases to amaze me that despite their horrid living circumstances they are constantly beaming and maintain a positive outlook on life.

    The joy continued on the local soccer field in the evening. The girls took the field first and scrimmaged themselves seeing as the opposing team did not show up. Screams of “Golaso” filled the dense Veracruz air. The boys team took the field second decked out in matching Mexico uniforms. Previously hesitant and shy kids came out of their shells and exalted after each goal. There was much exultation seeing as the team won 7-3.

    I’m very lucky to be here in Veracruz spending time with these kids and immersing myself in this culture and am looking forward to another rewarding week, both for myself and for everyone involved.

P.S. Phoenicians, we miss you and our games of Banagrams and Spoons will not be the same without you

David A. (Sleeps)