Top to bottom, left to right: David (Sleeper), Abbey, Miguel, David (Rojo), Alex, Miguel, and Rubi during the home visit

The day started with a rain shower, then became sunny.  The Phoenix contingent will go home with a greater appreciation for 110 degrees of "dry heat."
Today's task was to install the formwork on both sides of the completed rebar cage for the south wall.  Things started slowly due to difficulties with getting the corner of the east wall to align correctly.  The afternoon became more productive as the school children joined us.  After some demonstration from the "big kids," they took over the task of nailing the posts to the plywood for the forms...and our role was reduced to quality assurance and coaching.
At the end of the day, only about 40% of the forms were installed.  Since this was our last day of construction (for the Phoenix crew), we are all disappointed that the wall is not yet complete; we must take consolation in the fact that the work has been reduced to a scale that the local four-man crew can complete in short order.
As a final note, I must say that we Phoenicians had a great time teasing the kids from Colorado (especially since the Diamondbacks took a series from the hapless Rockies while we were here).  The truth of the matter is, we wouldn't have picked on them if we didn't like them.  They are a great bunch of young adults whom we can confidently pass the baton to when our time is done.
Just don't tell them I said so.

Shane S.