Jun 6, 2012


Cesar and Alexander at the center sharing laughs during lunch

    Today, the group headed to the land for more construction as we finished the rebar structure for the wall. Once again, the Americans worked side by side with the local mothers, fathers, and teenagers as the final stages of the rebar frame went up.  After moving the wood three or four times back and forth from one side of the site to the other (‘cause that’s just fun!), we settled on a final resting place where we treated the boards with a burnt oil and diesel mixture. The treatment prevents the boards from permanently attaching to the concrete walls.  In the process, we were successful in getting it on our clothes, dropping a glove in the bucket, and almost drinking the mixture.  In the end, all the boards were painted and ready to be attached to the rebar. The very creative and resourceful construction leaders then put together the concrete guides officially making the wall ready for pouring the cement (oops, I mean concrete, Shane and Mo!).

    During lunch, we went to the center.  There were only a few children there as we arrived during the passing between the younger kids departing the morning session and the older kids arriving for go the afternoon. We started a small game of Frisbee, and after getting it in the lagoon and on the roof, we changed games.

    After having a delicious home-made meal, Chicken in molé sauce, we congregated for a rousing game of spoons and story telling. Little did we know that we would have to educate Sleeper on the finer points of dealing cards, cutting cards, shuffling cards, oh and wait, playing cards. For the record he’d have at least three smoking holes in his head if we weren’t so understanding. Oh, and loyal readers, writing your phone numbers on the bathroom wall… not the best way to find a spouse.

-Abbey W.