David (Rico Swaggo NSYNCas) and two of the children at the center during lunch.

Today was HOT...and humid.  Let's just get that out there.  The Americans were sweating buckets and stinking up the barrio.  That being said, we were extremely productive, as well.  We cut, bent, and tied rebar and kids, parents and volunteers worked side-by-side tightening wire, scooping dirt, and downing hundreds of glasses of water.
Our group has really bonded in the last 24 hours.  Now, usually what happens in Mexico stays in Mexico.  However, dear loyal readers, we are letting you in on the "inside scoop."  The four Davids, affectionately known as D4, have all earned nick-names (apodos).  Mo (David #1) is our jobsite medic and camp mother.  When The Sleeper (David #2) got a small cut, Mo fixed him all up--bandage with smileyface to boot!  Rojo (David #3) has a super power: he can burn and tan all in a matter of hours...impressive.  And, finally, we have our famous Rico Swaggo NSYNCas (David #4), who is entirely too fabulous and cool, and yet, he fits right in with us.
We hope to finish cutting, bending and tying rebar on the south wall of the school and to maybe even pour concrete (not to be confused with cement, thank you very much) tomorrow.  The frontloader (machina) will come tomorrow to carry off a bunch, "Hey! Look a gecko!" of the dirt so we can level the site and prepare to pour the concrete for the foundation.  It's pretty exciting to see the progress and to be a part of the project.  When you see how much the school and Goldie do with so little, it's completely humbling.  It's also encouraging, though, because a little amount of money can go SO far.  We've already had many discussions about coming home and better explaining what the school & community center does on a daily basis. Swag.
More to come tomorrow!  Adios y paz!

-Claire S.