June 25, 2012


Abbey and Alejandra hiding behing a sign that reads "amigocha," a word used in Veracruz meaning very good friends

    Today was bittersweet for me as it always is on my final day in Veracruz.  I have enjoyed my time here immensely and will miss my amiguitos as always.   We began the day working with the kids at the community center.  I am pleased that they are becoming more and more comfortable practicing English with me.  Emily and Abbey worked the whole morning with the preschoolers, which is an exciting group to be with.  They had an attempted mass escape, but in the end, Abbey and Emily prevailed and all the children were retrieved.  The most exciting part of the day was walking from the existing (rented) community center to the new center (construction site).  My initial reaction was Wow!  Orale! Andale! Hjole!  It has transformed in one day with temporary walls closing in the front and a temporary roof made of lamina (corrugated metal).  The electrician even began working today.  The community is hoping to hold the first church service this Sunday, and Goldi , Saul and the teens are working extremely hard to make this dream a reality.  I am inspired. 

-Anne W.