June 24, 2012


Melanie carrying a bucket of HEAVY sand at the work site

    Today’s activities for the job site were to take down the roof of the old center and then take the sheet metal to the job site for the new center. They started putting up the poles so they can install the roof on the job site. The septic tank is complete and the shower stall and the pipes for water have been installed. The goal is still move into the center by the 1st of July.
    Emily gave the sermon today and she did a great job. It was all about keeping the faith no matter what the situation is. She used Goldi and the center as the example on  how to keep the faith and how great things happen like  going from 15 people attending to more  then 90. After the services we went to a birthday party for Nely’s first birthday. The food was great and the activities afterwards were fun to watch. It was another great day.

-Jerry W.