June 23, 2012


The younger kids playing with blocks and cars at the center

   Today was a new experience for me.  The teens have a mission center at Tarimoya another section of Veracruz.  This area appears to be a poorer area of town.  They go there every Saturday for 2 hours to teach English using music and games.  We also ate lunch with about ten kids at that site.  The most difficult thing for me down here has been dealing with my dislike of rice as most meals are made with it.  This has presented some concern for me as everyone is required to eat everything they are given at meals.  After working at Tarimoya for 2 hours we went back to the center to work with those children for another few hours.  Again using music and games for them to learn English.  The children are so friendly and kind both to the workers (me) and to each other.  The girls and boys are very willing to do any job and do them without direction.  I have become close to 2 of the children Alejandra and Alexandra.  One is an 8th grader and one is in 4th grade.  The schools are overcrowded so there is a lot of self study but our kids work very hard on their studies.  I know that many of the workers from the US know all this but it was new to me.  I have been continually amazed that despite the hardships these children endure they are happy, loving and giving. 

    Your sister in Christ, Mona.