June 19, 2012


Erika holding Jaqueline at the center

    I have been here for four days and each day brings new adventures and pleasures.  Today we went back to the Amiguitos center for another day of Harry Potter Bible School.  The kids had a great time with learning to fly their brooms and playing Quidditch.  A Bible verse arrived again today via owl mail.  Melanie was a great sport with her role as the owl.  Today was hot and wearing the owl mask couldn’t have been fun.  I met a three year old named Karina.  She asked me to come sit with her while she waited to be pick up—I think I have been adopted.
    So much has changed since I was here last year.  The children are older; many faces from last year are no longer attending Goldi’s school; and there are many new faces.  Last Friday during the ride back from downtown Veracruz,  Mother Michele and I listened in on a conversation between our student guide and the taxi driver.  Our guide has been with Goldi for many years now.  The driver asked him what we did and why we were in Veracruz. Our guide said we were there to help at the center and to teach at the center this week while the new one was being built.  He told the driver of all the opportunities he has had with Amiguitos.  He talked about his education.  He talked about the caring.  He talked about all the opportunities he has had with the excursions and how much he has seen by being a part of the Amiguitos program—the African safari park we went to 2 years ago, the volcano, the museums (ok—he liked the hands on parts of the museums), going out to Cancuncito that day, and the fact that he was going to Xalapa (the capital of Veracruz) the next day.  He is very appreciative of every opportunity that has been offered him.  In fact, to stay in school, he is now living at the center since he can no longer live at home if he wants to attend school.  These young people see what they can become, and will do what it takes to make it happen.  This year I have been disappointed with not doing the medical clinics but I have been blessed with getting to know the children and young people so much more.  They have so much to offer us and so much to offer Mexico—they just need a chance.

-Marlene L.