June 15, 2012


Ramon and Curtis having fun at dinner

    What a relaxing day this has been. The temperature wasn’t all that hot and that was really relaxing. The morning started out with the two David’s leaving. And last night Marlene and Michelle came in. Other than that we did nothing but the women decided to go shopping at Wal-Mart in order to get the supplies for the Harry Potter vacation bible study for next week. The youth removed the forms for the wall that we built at the property.

    In the after-noon we went to the wonderful island of Cancuncito which has white sand and water so clean that you could see the bottom.  The only problem is the island was under water because of the high tide. That made sunning on the beach a bit of a problem. But there were a bunch of sea urchins that were great to watch. There was a great time had by all.

    To top off the day we went to Socios for dinner and had a great meal.

-Jerry W.