June 13, 2012


The septic tank hole at the end of the day. It's 8 feet deep!

    Slowly but surely, the work site is turning into a center.  We spent the day digging a hole for the septic tank.  The hole needed to be 3 meters long, 1.5 meters wide and 2.5 meters deep.  For those of you who don't work in the metric system often, that translates to a LOT of dirt.  It took only a couple hours to get about half way down but the farther down we dug the farther up we had to toss the dirt and that became very tiring.  Also, halfway through the day of digging more work was brought for us do to making the day very productive.  While we were working away the rest of the group was working hard with our children in the center.  All in all it was an exhausting day for everyone, evident by how early everyone went to bed today.  Now I must leave you to go and rest up for another day of hard work before the long awaited friday free day.
TaTa for now