Jun 11, 2012


Concrete (Cement? Mo I forget) being poured at the work site

Week 2, day 1.  After a weekend of sleeping in today was an early start.  We got up bright and early for our only medical clinic of the trip, due to more difficulties with getting medicine through Mexican customs.  We had the clinic in our home center and had our families come through and see the docs.  In total there were 55 adults and 84 children who went through, 139 in total, and even with a limited supply of medicine there were 285 prescriptions written.  However our success came at a cost.  The American team took a blow as Abbey and David A. made an early departure due to upset stomachs. Now, both of them seem to be feeling better, but Goldi is advising that they don’t eat any mole made from strangers.  To contrast our small setbacks with yet another victory, concrete was poured into the wall at the construction site.  It is nice knowing that it will be held up by more than just blood sweat and tears…mostly sweat.  There is more dirt to be moved and more to be put up but the sent of a new center that we can call our own is starting to waft around in the air of La Laguna.  

Alex Wait

This message will self destruct in 5…4…3…2…1…………….BOOM!