Meg Sinner
June 2010 Veracruz Reflection

My wonderful opportunity to go with Amiguitos to Veracruz has inspired me to continue mission work. I have chosen to support one of the kids from the La Laguna neighborhood and I am planning to go back with Amiguitos for a December trip.

I was touched by the good-hearted people we met. To me, Americans have increasingly become more "fake." What I mean by this is that we put up so many walls to protect us from who knows what that we don't know how to just be ourselves. That was not the case for the people we met in Veracruz. They were genuine in their caring and happiness to have us there. It's such freedom being real with real people!

And lastly, I want to congratulate the folks within the Amiguitos organization for focusing on truly helping these awesome folks better their lives. The group continues to return regularly to help educate the kids, provide school supplies, move the community center construction along and deliver medicines families need to lead healthier lives.
I would recommend, if you get the opportunity, going to Veracruz with Amiguitos. It WILL change your outlook on life!
In Christ,
Meg Sinner