Marlene Logan
June 2010 Veracruz Reflection

What can I say about my impressions of the mission trip to Veracruz? 

The kids were friendly and polite, the adults politely grateful for our work. 
Monday is white uniform day at the school and to see all of the clean, white uniforms on children who may or may not have running water in their homes was amazing. 


We walked the 2 ½ miles back to Goldi’s and met some of our patients and Amiguitos children on the way. Outside of school they were generally barefoot—in order to keep their shoes clean for school. Keep in mind, the roads are unpaved and muddy. Water, if they have it, is generally delivered via a hose.
These people are dignified and proud of their homes and their families. They send their children to Goldi’s center for help with homework and to learn English and computer skills. 


At the Amiguitos school the children learn to keep their hands clean—the water isn’t. They learn to share, to pick up after themselves, to put garbage where it belongs. 


When we went to Puebla for the excursion, the children who went were polite and courteous—and this was the first time some of these children had left their neighborhood. 


Our group has a huge appreciation for the citizens of the Laguna neighborhood and an admiration for how much they want to do with their children. 


It has been a lot of years since I have felt called to do what I was educated for and working with the young people at Amiguitos and using my Spanish in a way where it was needed was truly a blessing for me.

Marlene Logan