Emma Conners
June 2010 Veracruz Reflection

Boarding the plane
Tears were shed
From departed family
As I left the states
I saw the world I knew pass me by
Taking me from my accustomed life of comfort
To a life of hardships and poverty
I met the Waits and their guests
Who helped me prepare for the days ahead
But everything they said
And showed me
Could not prepare me for what lay ahead
I was welcomed as if I was I were family
People hugged me and kissed me
They loved me even though I had never met them before
The teens helped me with my Spanish
And showed me their worlds
From just one look
I saw more beauty than pain
More love than hurt
More friends than foes
In a world that we consider
What they have is nothing
It seems to me
This weary traveler
They have everything
When I returned
My heart was heavy
With a newly found happiness
That I could not find no where else
Till the day I stepped foot in Laguna, Veracruz
I will not forget you La Laguna
I praise God for everyday of happiness
Showed to me in Veracruz, Mexico
I will come back for you Laguna
You will not be forgotten in my heart
So as I end my heart felt tale
I tell you help me help these people
Let me show you their kindness
Let me show you their love
Let me show you their happiness
Come follow me on this journey
That has been given to us

Emma Connors