David Wait
June 2010 Veracruz Reflection

For me, the trip to Veracruz was about relationships. I got to be with my son Curtis and his wife Anne, my grandchildren Alex and Dana, and my brother Jerry in this special environment. I understand better the circumstances that made them so wonderful after their previous mission trips: more confident in themselves and more in touch with their true selves. And it deepened my respect for my brother Jerry. It was a joy to spend so much time with him. I got to see again Jerry’s love for children and watch them love him back.


The children in Goldi’s school were happy and warm toward each other and us. I am told the children are making significant academic progress. I believe Goldi is a great teacher. These children are so fortunate.


Of course, the other volunteers I met in Veracruz were wonderful. Folks that go on these kinds of missions have to be special.


I was pleased to be around Goldi and see an inspiring Christian life. She stayed in the background but love radiated from the folks she influenced. This was interesting. It happened without much gushing and purring. Just solid caring.


I am not aware of any change of views of myself or my faith. I have been on a mission trip to Mexico with my own church (Methodist). It certainly deepened my appreciation and concern for the work. It made me much more aware of the importance of clean water. And I was impressed (maybe even astounded) by the impact that Goldi has made. I would be surprised if her students don't make a similar impact of their own.

David F. Wait