BLOG03_Jun 8, 2010

Wow! Pharmacy team got into high gear today with all the medicine bags we got from the customs folks last night. While we figured what needed to be counted and labeled, others were counting a few leftovers. Then while Meg continued counting and labeling, Anne went through all the bags, sorting out and re-bagging.  Tough to realize how much of a pharmacy they brought with them! It’s such a blessing to be able to go into the community and offer doctor visits and free medicines to these wonderful people!

The construction crew had a little cloud cover here and there to make work a hair bit cooler, but not by much. They had a bulldozer to help move out some of the dirt and debris that is filling the lot. After getting the last of the old building knocked down and out, the bulldozer removed that too. Tomorrow and Thursday, they will be continuing the new building process.

Once again, everyone is resting and cleaning up from the day’s work. It’s free time until dinner and then we usually have some free time after that. Last night there was a very intense game of hearts.  After dinner, a few more sat down to play cards and boy they were rowdy! They were playing BS. It was pretty funny to be a watcher for that one! It is rumored that tonight they are going to be playing Peanut. I’m not in for playing, but I’m sure not going to miss the action!

Until tomorrow!