BLOG02_7JUN, 2010

Monday, June 7th

This day started at 7am with breakfast. Then our worship time went well. Everyone went out the door around 8am for either construction work at the community center or with Goldi at the school.  Anne and  Meg stayed behind to do some pharmacy work. And one of our new arrivals, George, has joined  in counting the meds. He had some pains from the day of travel that needed to have rest today. We have gotten lots of good work accomplished.

Lunch for us was a regular ham and cheese on wheat, nothing different. I believe the workers that went out into the community today were being treated to a locally and safely made lunch. They should return about mid-afternoon. Oh, wait, here come the ladies! Goldi, Ali and Lisa just came in the door. The rest of the work crew is walking home. I

The work group had a good day at the construction site. However it was VERY hot for them and many of them crashed for the afternoon. We were granted free time until dinner today. As the afternoon progressed, computers came out, books were read, and card games were played. It truly feels like you’re in a house filled with your family. All these folks are so wonderful and easy-going. Everyone is enjoying their down time together!

Before dinner, the bishop of Mexico came and he, Goldi, Curtis and George (all 3 of them are Episcopal Ministers) all went to the airport to get our bags of medicine returned from the customs.  After 6 hours the medicine was released!!

Meanwhile, Anne and Meg are prepping for a busy day tomorrow, as well as the rest of this week. The pharmacy team will be getting clinic meds counted, labeled and bagged. On average almost 400 people  get seen by the doctors each day.  Amiguitos had a couple of clinics last year that went over 400! But all that starts next week on Monday, so we have some time to get things done. Anne said she is so much more at ease because of having help and more time to prepare for clinics. (They usually started with clinics, instead of construction, so almost a week’s worth of time to get ready.)