BLOG08 04JAN2011

The second week of the December work trip is often construction.  This year we are doing an art project instead.  Ellen O'Grady has been painting portraits at the clinics and now she is giving 10 hours of art classes to the teenagers.  They will draw and paint portraits.  Then the art will be combined into a banner to display in this and future centers.   Most of the team has returned to the USA leaving Curtis, Alex and Ellen to help Goldi at the center and conduct the art class.

Teens draw while Goldi has class with 50 smaller children outside

An added bonus, the Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church, Katherine Jefferts Shori, visited the Diocese of Southeast Mexico today and so we all gathered at the retreat center (3 hours from Veracruz) to have a celebration together.  Another surprise is that a friend of mine from Colorado (Chris Johnson) was travelling with the bishop.  A fun day, but tiring.  

Goldi and Katherine
First woman ordained priest in Latin America (Goldi) with the
first woman to lead a national church (Katherine)