BLOG06 30DEC2010

On Thursday December 30, 2010, at 8 PM, Curtis Wait and Hannah Lufkin Blogged:

Curtis wrote -We had our last clinic of the work-trip.  For the first time we performed a clinic at our center (temporary) in La Laguna.  It worked just great.   It was nice to have our own kitchen and bathroom.  Everyone was working like a well oiled machine.  We took our team photo. 

DEC2010 Team

Tomorrow is a fun day (act like tourists and go bowling with the teenagers).  Saturday much of the team returns to the USA.


Hannah (15 years old) wrote:

No worries, I didn't get left anywhere today.  I missed a lot of days being sick so I am trying to make the most of my last two days here.  Things ran smoothly in pharmacy, I helped Anne sort medicine and count pills.  Ellen drew very nice sketches of the people in the medical clinics.  I visited a family of seven who live in a small two room house.   It was a productive last day of clinics.

Ana (in pencil) by Ellen