BLOG03 27DEC2010

On Monday December 27, 2010, at 7 PM, Ellen O'Grady  and George Lufkin wrote:

From Ellen - Today, I painted portraits in an alleyway outside the doors of our first health clinic.  

Ellen paints Maria Elena (the first painting on first day of clinics)

It was a wonderful day, though difficult to concentrate at first, with people looking over my shoulder and talking, kids leaning against my legs and arms to have a good look. I am not complaining.  As a non-Spanish speaker it made me very happy to be sharing in an activity with people here, and the painting got easier. There were even moments when despite the crowd I felt I was sitting alone with the person in front of me.  ~Ellen

George wrote - Today at clinic at Taramoya we enjoyed over 120 patients.  Thirteen young people from Goldi's school assisted with the clinic.  We played frisbee, and catch. 

Princess Tomato
King George of Tomatoes (aka en México "Princess Tomato")

Many old and young alike came to the clinic.  We had a great time teasing each other.  I was wearing a Santana Claus hat with a Tiara.  So my name became princess.  Later I
was eating tomatoes, so I became the princess of tomatoes.  However, I
Insisted that I am the King of Tomatoes.  May only the truth be told. ~George