On Sunday December 26, 2010, at 9 PM, Anne Wait and Peter Moller wrote:
This morning began quite early for the teens of the community center and many of us as well; we met at the local panaderia (bakery) for a bread making lesson.  A HUGE pile of dough was kneaded and made into many different types of breads, cookies and donuts. It was a pleasure to watch the love and care that the teens put into making the breads and treats. 

Maria Elena, Melanie & Dana show off the donuts the teens made

It was also impressive to us that this project began as an idea of the teens in Amiguitos.  Later in the day, we were joined by about 150 people from the community in La Laguna for eight baptisms and a eucharist service.  Every baptismal service in Mexico is of course followed by a fiesta.  We were entertained by dancing children and teens and fed bowls of mole.  It was delightful to see the presence of so many young people at the church. 

Ali, Curtis (obscured), Baptize Enrique with help from his parents

We all had a grand time!

~Pete & Anne