BLOG #16 30JUN

It is all done!!  After Veracruz clinics some of our new friends (Ana, Carmen & her husband Jesus) went to dinner with us and we walked around Veracruz.  As always, we found ourselves at the top of the Colonial Hotel overlooking central Veracruz and walking the Malico.  What fun.  Then it was the crazy adventures of driving to PĂ©njamo from Veracruz (and back).   Long hours and not many road signs (spells lost!).   We got there (including past burning vehicles) and it was worth it.  Great fun at clinic and our off day (great dinners, tour tequila factory, relax in the country).  Then its back in the minivan ... opps .... broke the transmission oil pan ..... so make that 8 hours of Mexican car repair ($8.75 labor and $50 parts ....    less than the cost of a tank of gas!!) and THEN we drive back for 10.5 hours (yes, in the dark).   Wow.  What fun.   We organized donations and then packed for home.    Hope to see you soon in Mexico!  Curtis