BLOG #11 21JUN09

Sunday was a late start (yeah!).  After the LONG bus ride to Tajín and back yesterday (about 8 hours round trip), all were tired and ready to rest.  Barry and James left for the airport at 5:30am.  Thankfully they were quiet.  Alyson and Matthew left at 10:00am to fly home.   Matt and Ralph who have been working on installing water projects in the mountains had stayed two nights with all of us  so that they could tag along on the trip to Tajín.  Matt and Ralph left with their team for more water systems work this week (but popped by the center today to say hello and look at the land).  So instead of 12 in the house like last night; tonight we are 6.  Very strange to have things so quiet.  We had a great day in the center at Laguna and look forward to clinics tomorrow.   Curtis