BLOG # 07  17JUN09

We did laundry and a Costco run in the morning.  Instead of our regular 9am to 4pm clinic we tried a 1pm to 7pm version.  We were thrown into a jumble because the "Morning Principal" decided not to allow the clinic and the "Afternoon Principal" begged us to please have the clinic.  The result was no dentists (who were reassigned to their centers by their supervisors) and jumbling all our schedules.   It was a lot of work, but the doctors agreed and we got everyone to the right place at the right time.  Yesterday Dr. Tomas' son Miguel came to clinic and he came again today.  In addition Dr. Augustin's son Roberto came today (and is fully bi-lingual .... ah, very helpful).  All in all a good day in  la escuela Enrique Segarra Thomas de la colonia vias ferreas.  We return tomorrow with the same schedule (again no dentists).   We pulled off "Operation Mini-tarp" much better (but still had some issues).  We have learned how to tie a rock into the point of rope attachment so as not to have the tarp rip at the edge.  We tied at lots of points and still the wind did a lot of damage.  Ah well, gringos in paradise......     Curtis